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Welcome to Fit Dance Australia, the number 1 fitness dance school in the inner west! We are proud to teach all levels from highly experienced students to students who are just starting out. We provide stretch classes in the inner west that are focused on your flexibility, health and overall fitness. Find out how to start your journey with our passionate instructors, teaching in Sydney’s inner west at our studios.

Participating in stretch classes is a fantastic way to meet new, likeminded people whilst staying on top of your fitness. No matter your experience level, our friendly and professional instructors will help you start your thrilling journey and take your fitness and flexibility through the roof!

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Your fitness journey starts straight away! Whether you are experienced or just beginning, our stretch classes in the inner west can cater to everyone. At Fit Dance Australia, we are committed to helping everyone improve their overall fitness levels whilst boosting flexibility.

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What is a Stretch Class?

Our stretch classes in the Inner West are designed to boost the flexibility of your muscles and fluidity of your joint movement and overall improve your general fitness. As we age, our bodies become less flexible than they used to be. This is completely normal; however, by keeping on top of your stretching, you can stay flexible for much longer.

At one of our stretch classes, you will be shown how to stretch in the correct way to ensure your muscles stay healthy. Additionally, it is vital to everyone at Fit Dance Australia that we have fun during our classes! We perform our stretches to music and always keep things entertaining to ensure that you can stay healthy and enjoy yourself at the same time.

Improve your flexibility and fitness with Stretch Classes Inner West

At Fit Dance Australia, we provide fun and lively stretch classes in the inner west inside our immersive dance studio. Our passionate team have helped hundreds of students to improve their levels of fitness, plus, boost their overall flexibility.

It is important to us that fitness should never be boring. Our aim is to keep our students active during our stretch classes in the Inner West whilst ensuring that everyone is engaged and having fun! All of our experienced instructors love to meet new students and strive to keep fitness fun, engaging and exciting at all times!

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Industry Recognised Dance Instructors

Your capoeira classes in the Inner West are always led by a qualified Fit Dance Australia® Instructor. All of our instructors have been hand-picked by Patricia, for their passion, talent and extensive dance-fitness experience.

To ensure that we offer the best standard of capoeira classes, our instructors go through a comprehensive training and certification process. This way, we know that they have the tools to boost your learning and truly rock your capoeira classes!

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Discover new dances that you can learn to master…

At Fit Dance Australia, we are proud to provide an opportunity to learn a wide variety of new dances and techniques for all levels to benefit from. No matter your experience, we offer the chance to enhance your dancing skills and master the basics of new and exciting dances. Some examples of the wide variety we teach includes:

  • Samba
  • Stretch Classes
  • Bachata

From learning new techniques and skills to meeting others with similar interests, there are so many reasons to give Fit Dance Australia a go today! Take a look at the full range of dance classes that we offer and start your dancing journey with us.

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Super Fun Stretch Classes

Stretch classes that are fun, energetic, and make you feel amazing. Super effective? Check. Super fun? Check and check.

Learn from the Best Instructors

Every instructor has been hand-picked by our founder and Australian Salsa Champion, Patricia, for their talent and extensive dance experience.

Meet New People

Dancing is a great way to have fun and meet new people. We are committed to sharing the joy of dance with others.

Exclusive Social Events

Join Fit Dance Australia and gain access to our exclusive network of ‘Money Can’t Buy Experiences’ and Exclusive Social Events.


Our stretch classes are more than just a fitness program; they are an investment in your overall health and well-being. With multiple benefits associated with participating in these classes, here are a few key highlights.

Improved Flexibility

Regular participation in stretch classes significantly improves your body’s flexibility. This increased range of motion makes daily activities easier and can also enhance your performance in other physical activities and sports.

Muscle Recovery

Stretch classes can assist with faster muscle recovery. By increasing the blood circulation to your muscles, they get more nutrients and oxygen, which aids in quick recovery and reduces muscle soreness after intensive workouts.

Stress Relief

Stretching is a great way to release stress and tension held in the body. Our classes, set in a supportive and serene environment, help you to unwind, promoting mental relaxation along with physical benefits.

Better Posture and Alignment

Stretching helps in the correction of muscle imbalances and promotes better posture. Regular stretch classes can lead to a more upright and confident stance.

Embrace the Joy of Movement

Unleashing Your Potential for Flexibility

At Fit Dance Australia, we see stretch classes as more than just a workout routine – they’re a celebration of the joy of movement. Whether you’re pushing your body to its limits or gently waking up dormant muscles, each stretch, each posture and each breath is an affirmation of life and vitality. Our classes are not about competition, but about cherishing what our bodies can do and recognising the beauty in every form of movement.

As you progress through the series of stretches and exercises, you’ll notice a change, not just in your physical form but in your spirit too. The combination of rhythmic music, energetic ambience, and the shared energy of your classmates can make every session a liberating experience, driving home the realisation that every step you take towards fitness is a celebration.

Building an Empowered Community

Our stretch classes create a space where everyone, regardless of their age or fitness level, can explore their potential and celebrate their body’s capabilities. We believe in creating a community where fitness is a joyful experience, a place where everyone feels welcomed, supported, and inspired. Every student, from beginners to seasoned fitness enthusiasts, is valued in this inclusive environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our stretch classes in the inner west are centred around health, flexibility and building up strength in your muscles and joints. Stretch classes are a fantastic way to maintain your active lifestyle or start your fitness journey!

Of course! Dedicating some time to stretching out your muscles and moving your joints can help you to feel younger! Frequent stretching can help your body to stay in shape and can also help your mental health. Fit body, fit mind.

It is extremely vital to stretch throughout the week to keep your muscles and joints healthy. By incorporating stretching into your daily your weekly routine, you may see a great improvement in your overall flexibility. Furthermore, your mobility may improve or stay at the same level, allowing your body to keep flexible and stay mobile.