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Welcome to Fit Dance Australia, the number 1 place to enhance your samba skills in the Inner West. We offer the best standard of samba classes for all levels to ensure that everyone can learn together. Please scroll down to discover how we can help you to get your body moving at one of our exclusive samba classes. Available in Sydney’s Inner West at our studios.

Taking part in samba classes is a fantastic way to meet new people, learn new techniques and most importantly, have fun! Whether you are just starting out with samba or you have an advanced skillset, our professional and welcoming instructors can help you meet your goals and boost your skills to a new level.

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Begin your samba journey right here! At Fit Dance Australia®, we are fully dedicated to showing others the joys of dance and furthering this wonderful form of art in the inner west. We offer the best standard of samba dance instruction in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, catering to all levels.

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What is Samba?

A dance of Brazilian origin, Samba was popularised by Western culture around the early 1940s. The dance has a simple forward and back motion, danced to 4/4, syncopated rhythm, which has helped its popularity as it can be an easy dance to master the basic steps of.

Generally, the dance is performed as a duo, with partners staying close to each other for most of the dance and separating briefly to vary the steps. This is a common dance at Carnival and dancers often wear sequined outfits. 

Learning to Samba in the Inner West

At Fit Dance Australia, learning the samba is all about fun! Fortunately, when it comes to samba, there are many ways to be taught such as individually, partnered or in groups. This versatility opens up the opportunity for everyone to be comfortable with the learning experience. Additionally, the samba includes fast and vigorous hip action, so you know that you will be getting a workout!

Having trained hundreds of students to master the basic steps of samba in the Inner West, we know that everyone can be successful. Learning the dance can improve your overall body coordination and strength whilst enjoying yourself in an immersive social environment.

Our team believes that learning is best experienced through enjoyment. This is why we are not only dedicated to pursuing your progress but also to ensuring that you and enjoying the process!

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Industry Recognised Dance Instructors

Your capoeira classes in the Inner West are always led by a qualified Fit Dance Australia® Instructor. All of our instructors have been hand-picked by Patricia, for their passion, talent and extensive dance-fitness experience.

To ensure that we offer the best standard of capoeira classes, our instructors go through a comprehensive training and certification process. This way, we know that they have the tools to boost your learning and truly rock your capoeira classes!

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Discover new dances that you can learn to master…

At Fit Dance Australia, we are proud to provide an opportunity to learn a wide variety of new dances and techniques for all levels to benefit from. No matter your experience, we offer the chance to enhance your dancing skills and master the basics of new and exciting dances. Some examples of the wide variety we teach includes:

From learning new techniques and skills to meeting others with similar interests, there are so many reasons to give Fit Dance Australia a go today! Take a look at the full range of dance classes that we offer and start your dancing journey with us.

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Learning Samba doesn’t just make you a better dancer – it enriches your life in numerous ways. Below are some of the many benefits you stand to gain from attending our Samba classes.

Fitness and Health

Samba is a vibrant, high-energy dance that makes for an excellent workout. Its unique movements require agility, strength, and endurance, helping you improve cardiovascular health, boost muscle tone, and achieve better overall fitness.

Confidence Booster

As you master the rhythmic steps of Samba, your self-confidence naturally improves. Samba is a dance that embodies passion and self-expression, helping you become more confident not only on the dance floor but in your daily life as well.

Social Connection

Our Samba classes offer a warm and welcoming environment where you can connect with like-minded people. Dancing Samba promotes teamwork and mutual understanding, offering you a great opportunity to expand your social circle.

A New Culture

By learning Samba, you also immerse yourself in a vibrant and rich Brazilian culture. Understanding the history, rhythm, and movement of Samba gives you a deeper appreciation of Brazil’s cultural heritage.

Our Approach to Samba Teaching

Igniting Passion for Dance

At Fit Dance Australia, our approach to teaching Samba is built on our passion for the dance and our commitment to nurturing that same passion in our students. We believe that learning to dance should be a joyful and fulfilling experience, so we aim to foster a nurturing environment that balances discipline and fun. Our instructors employ various teaching methods to accommodate diverse learning styles and levels, always ensuring every student feels seen, heard, and supported.

Commitment to Mastery and Cultural Appreciation

Beyond teaching steps and moves, we consider our mission to cultivate a deep understanding and appreciation of the Samba culture. This includes knowledge about the origins of Samba, its importance in Brazilian traditions, and the unique rhythms that define it. Understanding the history and cultural significance of Samba gives our students a more profound connection to the dance, enabling them to express themselves authentically and passionately during performances.

We also understand that practice makes perfect. Hence, we offer ample opportunities for our students to perfect their moves. From in-class exercises to studio-wide performances, our students have the chance to showcase their progress, receive constructive feedback, and, most importantly, enjoy the thrill of dancing Samba in front of an audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Of Brazilian origin, Samba became popular around the 1940s. The dance possesses relatively simple steps; however, partners in this dance may separate to perform steps individually. Samba offers an energetic and beautiful style of dance that everyone can be capable of learning.

Brazil is considered the origin of Samba; however, the Samba roots come from Africa. Specifically the West African slave trade. African religious tradition managed to bring the African drumming rhythm to Brazil and hence, Samba was born.

Samba is traditionally partners; however, throughout the dance, partners separate to perform moves individually. Additionally, samba can also be danced as a solo or part of a larger group.