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Welcome to Fit Dance Australia, the number 1 place to enhance your Salsa skills in the Inner West. We offer the best standard of salsa classes for all levels to ensure that everyone can learn together. Please scroll down to discover how we can help you to get your body moving at one of our exclusive salsa classes. Available in Sydney’s Inner West at our studios.

Taking part in salsa classes is a fantastic way to meet new people, learn new techniques and most importantly, have fun! Whether you are just starting out with salsa or you have an advanced skillset, our professional and welcoming instructors can help you meet your goals and boost your skills to a new level.

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Begin your salsa journey right here! At Fit Dance Australia®, we are fully dedicated to showing others the joys of dance and furthering this wonderful form of art in the inner west. We offer the best standard of salsa dance instruction in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, catering to all levels.

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What is Salsa?

Salsa dancing has become the most popular Latin ballroom dance in the world. With Caribbean and African roots, the origins of the dance date back in to 1900s in the east of Cuba. Here, various styles of music and dance were combined and Salsa was born.

The dance is widely recognised and has a reputation for being easy to learn, yet tough to master. Salsa is catchy and sensual and can be danced solo, partnered or fluidly in a group setting. 

There are salsa competitions held all over the world. Patricia, our founder, has won the Australian Salsa Championship and has taken 1st and 2nd place in the New York Salsa scene.

Learning to Salsa in the Inner West

It is important to everyone at Fit Dance Australia that when you learn to salsa dance with us, you have fun! Making use of our immersive dance studio, we have successfully trained hundreds of students to master the basics of salsa in a friendly and fun atmosphere.

Our belief is that the best way to learn is through enjoyment. This is why we are committed to offering a fun way to learn alongside teaching you all the skills you need to succeed.

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Industry Recognised Dance Instructors

Your capoeira classes in the Inner West are always led by a qualified Fit Dance Australia® Instructor. All of our instructors have been hand-picked by Patricia, for their passion, talent and extensive dance-fitness experience.

To ensure that we offer the best standard of capoeira classes, our instructors go through a comprehensive training and certification process. This way, we know that they have the tools to boost your learning and truly rock your capoeira classes!

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Discover new dances that you can learn to master…

At Fit Dance Australia, we are proud to provide an opportunity to learn a wide variety of new dances and techniques for all levels to benefit from. No matter your experience, we offer the chance to enhance your dancing skills and master the basics of new and exciting dances. Some examples of the wide variety we teach includes:

From learning new techniques and skills to meeting others with similar interests, there are so many reasons to give Fit Dance Australia a go today! Take a look at the full range of dance classes that we offer and start your dancing journey with us.

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Learning Salsa at Fit Dance Australia is not just about mastering the rhythmic steps or the intricacies of partner work; it’s a comprehensive experience that brings a plethora of benefits. The enriching journey with Salsa enhances physical fitness, improves mental well-being, fosters social connections, and boosts personal growth.

Physical Fitness

Engaging in Salsa is a fun-filled way to stay fit and healthy. The energetic movements in Salsa provide an excellent cardiovascular workout, improving heart health. Regular classes can also help enhance flexibility, coordination, and balance, contributing to better overall physical fitness. 

Mental Well-being

Salsa is as good for the mind as it is for the body. It is a proven stress-buster, allowing you to channel your energy into the rhythm and movements, leaving little room for worry or tension. Moreover, mastering Salsa steps and sequences can stimulate cognitive function, improving memory and concentration.

Social Connections

Joining our Salsa classes gives you a wonderful opportunity to meet like-minded people and foster new friendships. The cooperative and fun nature of Salsa encourages social interaction and teamwork. It’s not just about learning to dance; it’s about being part of a vibrant, supportive community that shares your passion for Salsa.

Personal Growth

The journey of learning Salsa is filled with personal achievements. As you master each step and move, your confidence will grow, and this self-assurance often permeates other areas of life. Salsa can also cultivate discipline and persistence, as mastering the dance requires regular practice and commitment. 

Customising Your Salsa Journey

Personalised Lesson Planning

Our instructors at Fit Dance Australia work with each student to understand their personal goals and create a learning path that is most suitable for them. For beginners, the focus might be on understanding the basic steps and rhythms of Salsa. Intermediate students might want to work on their spins, footwork, or partner work. Advanced dancers may wish to refine their style or learn more complex routines. With our personalised lesson planning, we ensure that your learning goals are met, and that you continue to grow and thrive as a Salsa dancer.

Flexible Class Schedules

Understanding that everyone has different routines and commitments, we offer flexible class schedules to accommodate your lifestyle. Our Salsa classes are available at different times during the day and week, including weekends. Online learners can enjoy the convenience of recorded lessons, allowing them to learn at their own pace. For those seeking a more immersive experience, our intensive workshops provide a deeper dive into specific aspects of Salsa. No matter your schedule or learning style, we make sure that your Salsa journey can progress at your own rhythm.

The diversity in our learning styles reflects our commitment to making Salsa accessible and enjoyable for everyone. Come join Fit Dance Australia and experience the joy of dance in a way that resonates best with you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Primarily influenced by Cuban styles of dance, salsa is a mixture of different Latin dances. It became popular in the 1950s and 60s around nightclubs and ballrooms. Salsa today is an influential ballroom dance style.

Yes! Like all dances, there are certain hurdles to overcome. With salsa, timing is the first one you will come across; however, once you have grasped the first basic steps, you will start to progress quickly! Learning to salsa dance in the inner west is a rewarding pursuit as it is a sociable and fun dance. Not only will you develop some incredible salsa dance skills, but you will also burn some calories and have a wonderful time socialising!

Mastering the basic steps of salsa usually comes within around 3-4 months. This timeframe assumes that your practice is conducted in the right environment, with professional teachers and regularly attended classes. A great benefit of salsa is that as you get better, you will progress faster!

Absolutely! Our Salsa classes at Fit Dance Australia cater to all skill levels, from absolute beginners to advanced dancers. We make sure our lessons are inclusive and beginner-friendly, starting from the basic steps and gradually moving on to more complex techniques as you gain confidence and skill

No, you do not need a partner to join our Salsa classes. While Salsa is often a partner dance, it is also important to learn the steps and rhythm individually. In our classes, we often rotate partners, giving you the chance to dance with different people and improve your lead or follow skills. However, if you have a partner who would like to learn with you, you are most welcome to join together.

We recommend comfortable clothing that allows for ease of movement. Many of our students wear activewear, such as leggings, shorts, and breathable tops. As for footwear, dance shoes are ideal because they allow for smooth movement and turning. If you don’t have dance shoes, any comfortable shoe with a smooth sole will work. Just avoid rubber soles as they might stick to the floor during turns.

Yes, you can! Salsa is a dance that people of all fitness levels can enjoy. Our classes are structured in a way that you can go at your own pace and gradually increase your stamina and fitness levels. Plus, salsa dancing is a great way to improve your fitness level while having fun. We recommend speaking with the instructor prior to the class to discuss any concerns or limitations you might have.